Group for Women's Education and Research


·         1991- Initiated work through a series of Literacy Trainings for rural women with a curriculum focused on empowerment, the methods- women centric and the space- a month long camp in a village. This model emerged as an exemplary empowerment tool. 


·         1992- Raised the issue of sexual harassment at the workplace by filing a PIL in the Supreme Court, along with 4 women’s groups. In 1997, the Supreme Court issued Guidelines for the prevention of sexual harassment at the workplace which are popularly known as the Vishakha guidelines.


·         1993- Pioneering work in micro-planning for education involving rural communities in the management of education.


·         1994-2003- Developing Curriculum, workbooks and TLM, based on local knowledge and culture for alternative schools run by the organisation as partners in the Lok Jumbish  and Janshala Karyakram.


·         1995- Initiated Publications rooted in the local milieu. Ucchav a children’s magazine published 18 issues. Currently we publish Tamasti, a magazine on health and well being.


·         1999- Set up Rural Libraries in 40 villages with materials and activities chosen for rural women, youth and children, unlettered and educated towards exploring the unknown and representing one’s own. 



·         2000- Initiated a Programme on Gender and Health with a focus on rendering voice to women’s personal health concerns and locating them firmly within the priorities of their community.


·         2004- Became part of a statewide network on reproductive health wherein capacity building of community groups for coordination with and monitoring of the state reproductive health services.


·         2004- Initiated Mahila Salah Evam Suraksha Kendra holistic redressal centres for women facing violence in 9 districts of Rajasthan.



·         2005- Adding the focus on ending Violence against women to the community programme, aiming to enhance capacities of women and men to raise gender discrimination and violence issues.


·         2006- Anandi - a healing centre for women, a space for release of negative emotions and experiences, for regaining her balance and energy towards finding strength to live one’s life with dignity and choice.



·         We have participated in various Regional and National Campaigns for the Right to Information, Food and Work, Campaigns for justice for Women, Children, Dalits and victims of state violence.