Group for Women's Education and Research

Vishakha’s vision is to facilitate a discrimination free society founded on the principles of equity and justice.


We believe in the need to re-establish the women’s identity as an individual in her own right. We strive towards improvement of life situations of women and children towards their empowerment.




Vishakha aspires to create a participatory society where women, children and marginalized communities have opportunities to build their capacities and live a life of dignity and equity at all levels of self, community and the macro- context of development and governance. 

*To empower women and all marginalized sections of the community, and to ensure that their specific perspectives are integrated into state-level policies

*To develop women’s capacities such that they have a chance to establish their own individual identities through expression and actualization of her
*To introduce innovations in primary education to bring children from deprived groups into the education process
*To create resource centres for the dissemination and analysis of information regarding women, children and other marginalized groups.