Vishakha is celebrating its 28th year of establishment for right based intervention in the area of education, health, and combating violence against women and girls. In the past two decade Vishakha has worked towards empowerment of women, girls and marginalized communities primarily in Rajasthan and other parts of the country. Vishakha was one of the key litigants in filling a joint a joint PIL[1]  in the case where the Supreme Court of India issued the landmark Guidelines for Prevention of Sexual harassment at the Workplace in 1997, popularly known as the Vishakha Guidelines read more...


  • Empowering women, girls and young people through facilitating the ‘enquiry, analysis, action’ framework.
  • Co creating transformative processes that challenge marginalization and violence and nurture collectivity, equality and harmony.
  • Implementing Interventions to challenge gendered power relations and violence in interpersonal, social, institutional and community spaces.
  • Engaging, strengthening capacities of and advocating with community & state institutions for improved responsiveness towards strengthened gender equality.
  • Highlighting the links between SRHR, GBV and mental health to improve awareness, strengthen services and create integrated models of intervention
  • Strengthening framework of Safety & Wellness through revitalizing cultures of self and community care integrated with the political movements for dignity and justice
  • Being reflective, creative and collaborative in our practice.

Hum ko kahani apni baat

A learning place स्कूल की तैयारी

हर साल सलूम्बर से किशोरियां अपनी पढ़ाई को निरंतर रखने के लिये तरीके निकलती है | लडकियों की रेगुलर पढ़ाई कई कारणों से छुट जाती है | लडकियों को पढ़ाना जरुरी न समझा जाता |

मैथूडी एवं मालपुर गाँव में लड़कियों की स्थिति

मेरा नाम शिल्पा है | मैं विशाखा संस्था में काम करती हूँ | हम लड़कियों के साथ अधिकार और समूह निर्माण का काम करते हैं | बातचीतों में हमारे मुख्य मुद्दे बराबरी, विभन्न पहचान आधारित

Lockdown & Distress of migrant youth in Kota

On 24th March 2020, a nationwide lockdown was announced by the government due to the COVID-19 outbreak. At the time when the lockdown was initiated, more than 40,000 young students were stuck in hostels and