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Vishakha’s concerns are distinctly those of challenging disparity and nurturing self development.
Ending discrimination and violence against women calls for an urgent multi pronged intervention on a large scale. At the same time development of avenues for creative self expression, joyful and dignified living is another critical need towards fostering individual identities of women and children.
In these concerns, we have come out on a journey of engagements with individuals, communities, and institutions. We have believed and created spaces like libraries and the Healing Centre and continue to work with these convictions. The challenges are multifold. Multiple Resources are needed for both endeavours. The financial costs are high, the need for skilled support increases with each new step.
We keep looking for and welcome all support and partnership.

Would you like to help?
There are several ways in which you can help Vishakha:
1) Through donations in cash
2) Through donations in kind
3) Volunteer your skills.
5) Purchase our books and publications
6) Tell your friends, relatives and acquaintances about the work of Vishakha
7) Generate awareness on gender realities and violence in your spaces

To  contribute please contact us.

Volunteer your skills
Given the range of activities that Vishakha engages in, there is always need for special skills and creative inputs.

We shall be immensely glad to have volunteer support from individuals/groups in multifarious tasks.

  1. Sharing your time to conduct recreational and constructive activities among children and women.
  2. Presenting performances in various art forms at the libraries and the Healing centre.
  3. Enlist for any specialized or general support for women facing violence in all 10 MSSK Districts.
  4. If you are a doctor, psychologist, therapist, lawyer, researcher on women’s issues, writer or come with a special skill, spend a block time with us to enhance understandings of our team, respond to needs of individual women clients facing violence.
  5. Providing ‘Translation into English’ support for various documents and publications.
  6. Sharing you computer skills to enhance our website, support data processing etc.
  7. Support us in developing audio visual materials.

To volunteer time please contact us, and we can together work out possibilities of mutual sharing.

Work with us

We have a multi skilled team with grassroots workers and a range of professionals. Over 100 community Workers have emerged in roles of rural librarians, village health workers and community mobilisers.
We have a communication team skilled in folk forms of music.
Vishakha seeks full time and part time workers for Community work, Centre based support to women facing violence and the healing centre.

Current vacancies with desired   profiles are put up here from time to time.