Vishakha developed three modules with the support of  Plan India for Plan supported organinsations working on gender & youth issues in Uttrakhand, Rajasthan and Odhisha. One module is is focused on training facilitation skill, Second module developed for youth and facilitators on gender, socialization 7 life skills and third is developed to build the capacities of PRI members on the issues of gender, empowerment and change.
Training module for youth  & facilitators on Gender and life skills
This module  is developed to build understanding  on gender, socialization GBV, layers of inequality, empowerment , some of life skills, leadership and change. This module  has topic wise small separate sessions and can be used at community as well as organizational level .
These modules are printed by Plan India , can be directly obtained from there or you may contact us.


Module for Training Facilitation
This module has total 7 sessions and provides the understanding about youth context & situation; plan policy and framework for gender & youth focused work, training facilitation skills to understand how to plan a training, how to execute it, what is role of facilitator, what are the indicators of good training facilitation


Training module for PRI Module :
In the process of module development on youth issues it was felt that there should be a separate customized training module to work & build understanding for PRI member. So remaining some of content of youth focused module some separate sessions were developed for PRI member on relevant issues.

Gender difference and gender stereotypes influence our nutritional intake. This manual has been developed to understand the effect of gender difference and stereotypes on nutrition and developing a strategy to address it by involving various sections of the community. This Manual was developed for Plan India. Manual development was one of assigned task. Process of manual development involved series of steps.
This module can be used to train front line staff community mobilizers, community people on the issues of gender, socialization, health nutrition and engaging men.

This module on gender, socialisation women empowerment, change and leadership was developed to train 250 workers of 7 orgainsations supported by UNDP working in three districts of eastern UP under UNDP-IKEA supported project for women empowerment.
This module was one of major assignments done by Vishkaha for UNDP. Under this task Vishakha Initially conducted TNA of workers and module was developed, then trainings of 250 workers were conducted on developed module in two phases.
TNA reports and Training reports can be obtained from Vishakha Office.

Counselling :  A process of Empowerment

This book describes the concept and idea about counselling, it’s value, principles and the process & skill. This book can be used to build understanding on counselling micro-skills with front line workers, para counsellor, counsellor & social workers who are doing case work or counselling in community or other setting. This is developed in Hindi language for wider uses. Examples are included in this book from work experience with women facing violence