Humko Kehni Apni Baat (We Want to talk about our own issues)
Humko kehni apni baat is the regular program of Vishakha to create platform for expression , voicing opinion of boys & girls from rural/tribal urban area. This discussion is part of radio program series.
In a pioneering effort in 2015, we created Eight Episodes of fifteen minutes each, highlighting girls voices, experiences and issues, which were broadcast by the All India Radio through two AIR Radio stations of Udaipur and Dungarpur, on prime-time, reaching an audience of about a million urban and rural listeners.
This is the process of analyzing the situations, voices of girls by the girls . Under the title of Humko kehni apni baat ,Vishakha has been working to sharpen the understanding of girls and advocating on the girls issue though radio programme, dialogue with local administration and capacity building.

Shadi : Sapna Bhi Haqiqat Bhi (episode 1)

This Episode (Marriage: a dream or a reality) captures girl’s voice on Marriage & their related dream which includes understanding about marriage, how girls are prepared for marriage, values and norms for marriage , girl’s dream about marriage & partner…let us listen


Shadi : Sapna Bhi Haqiqat Bhi (episode 2)

Episode 2 (Marriage: a dream or a reality) is about Girl’s voices on pressure associated with marriage and life within marriage in continuation of episode 1.




Shiksha: Padhna nahi Aasan (Education-its not easy to go school)

This Episode (education-its not easy to go school) focuses on the education system, its contextual realities and related opportunities in reference to girls.

Humko Kehni Apni Baat: Shiksha – Padhna Nahi Aasan By Vishakha

Awajahi : Dar se himmat ki Aur

This Episode (Mobility : From Fear to courage) focuses on tribal girl’s mobility and related concerns; What are fears which restrict girls mobility, how they costruct; What are the alternative ways to address this issues. Lets listen this episode- Awajahi ….

Humko kahani apne baat :Awajahi (Mobility)-Dar se Himmat ki Aur _by Vishakha

Manoranjan : Masti ke simtatey daayre

This Episode (Recreation: limited scope for enjoyment) captures girl’s voices and experiences about the situation, opportunities recreational spaces & scope for enjoyment available for girls & their access.

Humko kehni Apni baat: manoranjan-Masti ke simtate dayre_by Vishakha

Kaam aur Kamai

This Episode (My work & my earning)initiates a discussion on paid & unpaid work being done by girls, how it is connected to their self respect & dignity and their or external control on work.

Humko kehni Apni Baat : Kaam aur Kamai_ by Vishakha

Kaushal Vikas : Kaun si Kshmata Badh Rahi Hai

This Episode (Skill Development- What competencies does it increase) captures girl’s voices and experiences about the barriers /problems to obtain any skill, & once they acquire any skill then how does it impact to their daily lives.

Humko kehni Apni baat : Kaushal Vikas_kaun si kshmta badh rahi hai _by vishakha