Volunteer& Intern

Given the range of activities that Vishakha engages in, there is always need for special skills and creative inputs. We engage volunteers from different backgrounds, exhibiting different skills in our different projects. Anyone who wishes to work with us in voluntary (unpaid) capacity can register and work with us as a volunteer. Such work will provide opportunities in terms of learning new skills, experience and recognition.


We shall be immensely glad to have volunteer support from individuals/groups in multifarious tasks.

·         Sharing your time to conduct recreational and constructive activities among adolescents, youth and women.

·         Presenting performances in various art and other expressive forms at the libraries and the Healing centre.

·         Enlist for any specialized or general support for women facing violence at One Stop Crisis Centre and MSSK Districts.

·         If you are a doctor, psychologist, therapist, lawyer, researcher on women’s issues, writer or come with a special skill, spend a block time with us to enhance understandings of our team, respond to needs of individual women clients facing violence.

·         Providing ‘Translation into English’ support for various documents and publications.

·         Sharing you computer skills to enhance our website, support data processing etc.

·         Support us in developing audio visual materials.

·         Conduct small research projects in our field areas.

·         Contribute in capturing our work and its impact through photography, small videos & films, stories etc.

To volunteer time please contact at info@vishakhawe.org, and we can together work out possibilities of mutual sharing.