Anandi healing centre

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1250 Poor Homeless People Needed Help.

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One of our special experiments has been the Anandi Healing Centre for women and Children as a unique space for reenergising and rejuvenation for women and children facing violence. Emerging from our concern for women who sustained long durations challenging violence and found themselves spent and deenergised even after receiving some significant legal- social reliefs…it emerged that empowerment needs to be addressed at deep emotional plains and is best handled through a deep penetrative experience of the mind- body- heart connect. Using a range of meditative and healing therapies, the centre offered women a safe space for sharing and venting, reconnecting with their own energies, their identity and being. A similar concern was felt with children witnessing violence in their homes. The centre was run for 3 years reaching over 300 women and had to be closed down in absence of funding; in the last year we also experimented with mainstreaming the Healing children’s experiences of violence in a school setting reaching out to over 1500 children.