Utsavpoorna hon hamare sangharsh

Donation Raised$600
Donation Goal$800

Education Cause

1250 Poor Homeless People Needed Help.

180 Volunteer Helping You.

10 Donors

We believe that GBV intervention work and human rights advocacy is demanding and that case workers and activists need to have a nurturant and caring work environments and be part of deep solidarities of shared values. This collective circle can offer healing and strength and motivations for consistent self-care. We believe in nurturing and promoting such cultures of care in organisations and autonomous activist groups. We also believe in supporting workers and activists to understand and practice self-care. We see self-care

Vishakha currently runs a self-care and healing workshop series ‘Utsavpoorna hon hamare sangharsh’- the color of resistance is festive

The focus of this process is to create a safe space for participants to engage with their personal and work experiences in connecting to the self, ones emotions, and one’s body and through this healing nurturant journey engage with ones narratives and dilemmas around foundational conflicts within oneself and outside.

  • Since 2017, We run an annual workshop for Women activists from small town and Rural contexts in collaboration with the Sambhavana Institute Palampur. Although we do not restrict women from urban locations to participate too. The workshop uses Link
  • We run open enrollment workshops for Social activists. The last workshop was held in Jaipur with case workers from MSSKs and social workers from local organizations participating. The workshop used creative movement therapy, psychodrama and provocative dialogue to construct a healing journey for the participants .