Executive Board


Aparna Joshi


Aparna Joshi is currently the Chairperson of the School of Human Ecology, Tata Institute of Social Work. She is a professional clinical psychiatrist with more than two decades of work experience on human rights based community mental health services. She has previously worked with organizations like Bapu Trust in Maharashtra. Her association with Vishakha started with providing expert support to the Mahila Salah Evam Suraksha Kendra Programme on mental health issues.

archana srivastva

Archana Shrivastav


Dr. Archana Shrivastav is a communication specialist and presently works as the Head of Department, Dramatics at Rajasthan University. After completing her graduation from National School of Drama (NSD),she started her work with the Women’s Development Programme. She has directed many plays with youth and women; has a theoretical as well as practical knowledge of the medium.



Secretary and Co-Founder

Bharat is a specialist in the area of Education, Gender and Communication. He has more than three decades of experience around programming, research, and training. He has been associated with Vishakha right from the foundation and has led most of the major program in Vishakha.

He is an expert in conducting training among varied groups, building perspective and planning initiatives around issues of gender and education. He has designed various communication strategies and tools, organized campaigns for rural audiences, facilitated special workshops on dealing with stress and emotions.

kamini shukla

Kamini Shukla


Kamini Shukla is a well known activist and social worker in Rajasthan. She was also part of the Women’s Development Programme (WDP) and has provided guidance to the Vishakha team. She has extensively worked amongst women and girls in the Vagad region of Rajasthan – Banswara Udaipur and Durgapur. Currently she is the secretary of SMILE, at Jaipur.

kanchan mathur

Kanchan Mathur


KanchanMathur has over 30 years of experience in applied research, evaluation and policy analysis in the field of social and rural development, especially focusing on gender issues. She has extensive experience of working with national and international organisations on issues of participation and inclusion of marginalized communities, women’s empowerment, gender-based violence, governance, sexual and reproductive health, poverty eradication, livelihood security and related areas. Her current areas of interest include understanding the politics of gender cutting across sectors, women’s rights and empowerment, gender based violence, gender and local governance, gender and policy planning and education of marginalized girls

kesar meena

Kesar Meena


Kesar is a tribal woman from Salumbar block of Udaipur district in Rajasthan. She is the first woman from her village to be engaged as the poll agent during elections. She has been involved in various programmatic interventions of Vishakha specially focused on adolescent girls’ empowerment. Kesar is presently working as a teacher in a government primary school in Udaipur.

manju sharma1

Manju Sharma


Manju is an activist and a feminist writer. She writes on issues related to women, media, feminism and governance. She has the strengths of engagement with both mainstream and alternative media. She is also the founder members of Vividha – a women’s documentation centre in Rajasthan. She has offered leadership to many recent manuals and process documents for UNFPA Rajasthan on PCPNDT act and beti bachaoo aandolan.

pinki solanki

Pinki Solanki


Pinki is Social Development Professional from Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai ( 1999). Experience of work in different parts of the country( Rajasthan, UP, North East, Maharashtra, Bihar and Karnataka) by being part of NGOs, Government and United Nations. Additionally She has worked as an independent Consultant/Researcher and conducted several reviews/evaluations, trainings, documentations and qualitative research for donors. Her specialization is in mainstreaming Gender Issues in different settings i.e. Health, Police, School and Companies; program planning on Gender and Violence Issues and; designing, setting up and monitoring counselling facilities for women and young people.

Currently She plays twin roles i.e. Therapist/Counsellor and work with independent clients and institutions and as a Development Consultant for conducting reviews, program management cycle and evaluations for Donors/ Foundations/NGOs..

Sunil chaudhary

Sunil Chaudhary


Sunil is a trained social worker from the Udaipur School of Social Work. He has been awarded PhD for his research on “Old and new Tribal Movements: with special
reference to the Bhil Tribes of Southern Rajasthan”. He presently works as the Assistant Professor in USSW. He has been keenly interested on working with youth and gender mainstreaming in academic institution.