SRHR Centers

Donation Raised$600
Donation Goal$800

Education Cause

1250 Poor Homeless People Needed Help.

180 Volunteer Helping You.

10 Donors

The SRHR centres   are village based, volunteer led, safe spaces for information and referral on SRH issues.  These centers have been initiated –

  • So that adolescent girls and young women are able to understand and own their bodies,
  • So that they have safe space to discuss freely and openly about changes during adolescence, menstruation, reproduction, conception, contraception and safe abortion.
  • So that girls and young women feel and nurture a friendship with their bodies and their selves, have a perspective about their rights, feel confident with information and empowered to access services and referrals.

Vishakha runs 25 SRHR centres in 25 Villages of Salumbar and Jhallara Blocks in Udaipur district. Each centre is run by two young women from the community. This includes young daugters-in-law of the villages. All SRHR Centre volunteers are trained on SRHR issues and offer detailed information along with maintaining a deport of primary Health care medicines, contraceptives and Pregnancy detection kits. Every Month the centre hosts a meeting of the Girls collective in the village around a select issue of SRHR.  Some of the key discussions are around preference, choice, decision making, safety and consent.

The centres are visited by 15-20 girls and young women independently, on a monthly basis who are able to access a range of information, access the medical supplies and seek appropriate referral.

The Centre Volunteers work closely with the Frontline functionaries of Government programmes including the Anganwadi workers, ASHA, and ANMs.