Perspective building of frontline functionaries:

Donation Raised$600
Donation Goal$800

Education Cause

1250 Poor Homeless People Needed Help.

180 Volunteer Helping You.

10 Donors

We work with grassroots functionaries of key Govt depts for capacity building on youth responsive services, particularly SRH. The taboo and silence around adolescent sexuality and the risks of community backlash are key deterrents and Health worker education along with defining ‘ what is youth friendly/responsive’ and building solidarities with girls and boys is crucial to address this.

We conduct capacity Building on SRH and youth-friendly service delivery for grassroots functionaries of the Health Department in villages of Udaipur district and in Bagru town and Kota city of Rajasthan.

We organize interfaces amidst girls, boys and young people’s groups an service providers for strengthened dialogue, reduced prejudice and inhibition and enhanced comfort and connectivity.

Perspective building meetings with Gram Panchayat leaders to promote and invest in improved SRH services.

Creating Helpful Handouts to highlight potential youth friendly SRH care practices for various departments services.