My body my decisions: Campaign on challenging Abortion stigma

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We believe that all individuals should have full ownership and control of their bodies and sexual health, which includes freedom from any form of sexual coercion, violence or discrimination while being able to have freely decide about their sexual life, sexuality, reproduction, sexual orientation, bodily integrity, choice of partner with full safety and joy. Everybody, particularly young people and women need access to education, information and friendly and responsive services to live their sexual and reproductive health rights.
By empowering Girls and young women’s Collectives with information, skills in social analysis and action to negotiate with partners, families and service providers to challenge the systemic, legal and social barriers in accessing SRH information, menstrual health, contraceptive options and safe abortion services. Through shared experiences in safe spaces we highlight the structural context of control over women’s and young people’s sexuality and support them to bust myths and overcome stigma. We create multiple points of dialogue amidst girls collectives and a range of service providers to visible their voice and needs and empower their leadership towards seeking accountability for crucial services.
We work with boys to examine social norms relating to gender and sexuality and to promote positive masculinity.
We recognize the intrinsic connections between GBV, SRH and mental health and seek to respond to young people’s distress towards their holistic well being and greater equality.
We recognize the need to work with communities on harmful social norms and engage in purposeful and direct conversations about lived realities of girls, women and young people and the limitations and oppressions of patriarchal control. We work towards specifically reducing gender-based violence, enhancing women’s control over their bodies, promoting cultures of consent and reducing abortion stigma.
In our field programmes, We work with Health Department through grassroots functionaries ASHAs and ANMs and key SRH service providers in local Heath facilities. We are trying to use the Gram panchayat as a convergence point to bring together the elected representatives, influential community leaders, frontline functionaries for discussing Girls and women’s issues and strengthening positive actions for improved SRH. A regular interface of girls’ groups is built with the local Police station.