Women’s collectives

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Vishakha currently collectivises women in 25 villages of Salumbar Block of Udaipur District and in various pockets of Bagru Town in Jaipur District.

Between 1991 to 2008, through an intervention in 65 villages of the Phagi Block of Jaipur District, Vishakha set up strong collectives of women. Starting with a feminist pedagogy through using literacy for discussing women’s lived contexts and highlighting patriarchy, the dialogue with women continued on a range of issues, be it challenging Violence, their engagement with girls education, women’s health and community health. They became part of a range of women’s and people’s rights campaigns of the time, be it the Right to Food and the Right to Work campaigns or the many public protests against Violence against women. Women’s collectives thus became vehicles of collective resistance against oppression and creative imagination of equal communities. Women took leadership on a range of community issues and became a solidarity group being vigilant to challenge violence and oppression.