Reflective and Transformative dialogues with boys

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We work with boys towards building a deeper self-awareness about their bodies, identity, choices, dreams, fears and aspirations.
Towards strengthening gender equal behaviours, We engage them in an exploration of power and privilege through examining social norms relating to gender, sexuality and masculinity. We create reflective spaces for promoting positive masculinity. These are also the spaces where we reflect on other identities and their intersctions and how they marginalize certain communities and their men and boys.
Towards strengthened SRHR we work with boys on SRH education and also sensitize them for safe, equal & responsible sexual partnerships
• We currently work with Boys in 4 residential hostels and 1 Boys Higher Secondary School in Salumbar and Jhallara blocks of Udaipur districts.
• We work with boys in 3 ITI s in Jaipur city.