Capacity building of Government Functionaries and large scale NGO run programmes

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Since 2009, Vishakha  re-strategized its organisational role to primarily emerge as a Technical Support Agency on issues of challenging VAWG through community and institutional interventions, implementation of the PWDVA, facilitating young people’s leadership to address gender and violence issues in their communities, organisational Gender mainstreaming, Women’s empowerment, experiments in Healing for Women and children, Gender issues in educational and out of school settings.

We have been since then primarily engaged in Intensive capacity building, materials creation, research and conceptual and strategic support to diverse interventions, most of them large scale and rural. We have worked with both Government and NGO interventions/ programmes.

This has included roles like :

  • Concurrent Capacity building of all PWDVA functionaries (Women Development corporation) in the State of Bihar supported by the DFID- SWASTH PROJECT in Bihar.
  • Developing a Standard Operating protocol for protection Officers for the implementation of the PWDVA in the state of Bihar and supporting the GOB in creating Guidelines/ Rules to be followed by various stakeholders responsible for the implementation of the PWDVA in the state of Bihar.
  • Creating a Manual on Gender, GBV, life skills and participatory leadership for young people and training and monitoring 50 Facilitators as part of the Engendered programme of Plan India in two states.
  • Creation of a Manual on Gender, GBV and leadership for governance roles for PRI members for the Engendered programme of Plan India.
  • Capacity Building of over 260 member field and supervisory team on Gender and Leadership as part of the  UNDP-IKEA’s Women’s Empowerment Project in 3 districts of Eastern UP.
  • Capacity building of field level staff on GBV issues and a study of 3 districts in mapping GBV as part of the Tejaswini programme of the Mahila Vitt Vikas Nigam in Madhya Pradesh.
  • Capacity building of programme staff and NYKS Functionaries in Youth leadership curriculum as part of the UNFPA supported Teen club Intervention in the state of Rajasthan.
  • Gender mainstreaming and programme staff trainings with Care India in Uttar Pradesh, Casp Plan, Chetana and other partners of Plan India.
  • Healing interventions with children participants of bridge course programmes run by Muskaan in Bhopal.