Rural suitable, informative media materials

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Context sensitive, clear, attractive and relevant Media messaging for busting stigma and creating positive imagery on SRH is a crucial strategy for addressing restrictive social norms on SRHR.

We continue to work on creating rural suitable, informative media materials for the purpose.

    • We undertook a village to village intensive campaign using a range of posters, puppet & song, direct interaction activities on the topic ‘My body My decisions’. This served as an important intervention to open conversations on the issue.
    • We continue to use theatre as a key tool for dialogue.
    • Portable exhibition on ‘My body, My decision’ is being taken to Girls Schools. Posters and wall writing for aborting stigma and creating positive imagery for SRHR in the community.
    • WhatsApp-able audio-visual shorts for SRHR promotion among young people and service providers.