Humko kahni apni baat –[We want to talk about our own issues]

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We want to talk about our own issues] recognizing and amplifying girls voices

In a pioneering effort in 2017, we created Eight Episodes of fifteen minutes each, highlighting girls voices, experiences and issues, which were broadcast by the All India Radio through two AIR Radio stations of Udaipur and Dungarpur, on prime-time, reaching an audience of about a million urban and rural listeners.

Titled ‘Humko kahni apni bat’ ( We want to talk about our own issues), the eight episodes explored the following issues, highlighting at least 12-15 girls voices in each, an experts view, a local stakeholders’ view along with careful analysis of the issue through the program anchors.

  • Shiksha- padhna nahin aasan ( Education – Its no easy to go to school )
  • Kaam aur kamai – ( My work and earnings )
  • Avajahi – Dar se himmat ki Or ( Mobility- from fear to courage )
  • Manoranjan – Masti ke simte dayre ( Recreation – limited scope for enjoyment)
  • Kaushal vikas – kaun si kshamta badh rahi hai ( Skill Development – what competencies does it increase )
  • Shaadi – Sapna Bhi Haquiqat Bhi ( Marriage – a dream and a reality – 2 episodes )
  • Nirnay – majbooti ke raste ( Decision making – pathway to empowerment)